Nigeria Agricultural Quarantine Service

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25TH JULY, 2018

I am directed to inform every stakeholder involved in import/export of fish and fisheries products that the Coordinating Director of Nigeria Agricultural Quarantine Service, NAQS, has approved the downward review of user-fee charges for the import/export of Aquatic resources (Fish and Fisheries products) to take effect from the 1st October, 2018 as shown below:

1. One container of frozen fish 40feet N10,000/container
Above one 40 feet containers. N5000/container
2. One 20 feet container of frozen fish N5000/container
Above one container N3000/container
3. Vessel carrying frozen fish N10000
4. Dried/smoked fish above 20kg N5000
5. Dried/smoked fish less than 20kg N2000
6. 40ft container of dried stock-fish head N10000
Above one container N5000/container
7. 20 feet container of stock-fish head N5000
Above one container N3000/container

I am further directed to request you to always submit your import related documents to NAQS office at the point of arrival for verification, authentication and for data compilation. You are to comply with this directive to avoid unnecessary delay of your consignments.
You are further requested to always check on the website of NAQS ( for updates.

Mr. A O Uwechi
HOD/Aquatic Resources Quarantine